Chinese Food Recipes

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This is an app that contain many tasty and delicious from many chinese food. Come from family tradition food, or chinese street food or palace food. This app provided every recipe for all many chinese foods.

Chinese salads, chinese snacks and dumplings, chinese main dishes, recipe for family eating, chinese soup, or chinese chicken and so much more. Every kind of food type and every type ingredient or extreme and unique ingredient exists on this app. To summarize what this app provided in categorical things:

– Chinese family cookbook
– Chinese everyday cooking, for everyday food
– Chinese healthy food
– Chinese vegetarian food

You can make your own chinese food at your home with this offline app without the need of internet connection. And that will help you so much for you to serve chinese food on every occasion either sell it to customer, to your friends, or to your family or for your own consume. Just install this app.

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